We offer a range of services.
Real Estate Closings, Residential and Commercial

From contract to close, MLS Title will handle the details of the transaction. We receive the contract, and a title search is ordered. Upon examination of the title, we take the necessary steps to ensure the purchaser is able to claim clear ownership of their new investment. Any title issues, if applicable, will be corrected, documents prepared, and properly executed signatures obtained. At closing, we receive the funds and disburse to all parties according to the contract. We then electronically record, when possible, the necessary closing documents. Title policies are issued in a timely fashion rather than weeks later; in fact, our purchasers often leave the closing table with their original recorded deed and Final Title Policy.

For Sale By Owner Closings

It's as simple as sending us a contract, we'll do the rest. If there are no real estate agents involved, we can still perform all of the above services, and keep all parties informed as to the process, ensuring a timely and successful close.

Refianance Closings

Obtaining or refinancing a mortgage on your property? Be sure to tell your lender that you choose MLS Title as your closing agent. Many borrowers do not realize that, since they are required to purchase the lender's title insurance policy for the loan closing, they are actually entitled to use a settlement agent of their own choosing. MLS Title makes a difference, as we search for all available discounts on your title premiums, and ensure you don't overpay for your title costs. We take the time you need at settlement to properly execute your closing documents and make sure you are aware of your loan terms. Lenders prefer to use MLS Title because we are thorough, accurate and timely in our processing of the title work, all important things to get your loan closed within your rate guidelines.

Construction Loan Closings

Building a new home or adding to an existing one? MLS Title has extensive experience in this area, having closed thousands of construction loans for many builders, investors, and private individuals. Our electronic recording of documents is a plus to builders who are waiting for that Notice of Commencement to be filed before they can begin work on your dream home.

Owner and Encumbrances Title Searches

All we need is the property address and we're on our way. Fast and affordable searches are ideal for equity line closings when title insurance is not being issued, or simply when you want to know what is encumbering a given property prior to listing it for sale.

Witness / Notary Closings, Notary Services

We are happy to assist in your notary needs. Whether it be for one simple document, or an entire loan package when you need a local signing appointment, we can handle it all.

Real Estate Closings, Residential and Commercial For Sale By Owner Closings Refianance Closings Construction Loan Closings Owner and Encumbrances Title Searches Witness / Notary Closings, Notary Services